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As private security officers and investigators, we have an important mission to serve businesses and communities by enforcing laws, preventing and investigating crimes, and protecting the general public and their property. Our officers are punctual, professional, and diligent. We pride ourselves in being the best security guard company in San Antonio, and we are committed to excellence; we continuously hold ourselves to the highest possible standards. You can trust us to keep you, your loved ones, and your property safe and sound throughout your daily lives.

Our Mission:

To provide a safe environment for your business; ensure the safety of your employees, customers, and clients; and to convey a presence of authority so as to deter crime from taking place, all while building relationships with the greater community to develop trust and respect among all. Our Mission is not simply about “arresting the bad guy” — although there may be times where this course of action is necessary — but rather to increase the safety of the area in which we are assigned to patrol.

Our Services:

Security Officer

If you have a business or event in San Antonio that requires the presence of a uniformed security guard, we have the solution for you!
$ 25 Per Hour on Average
  • Uniformed Officer
  • Armed / Unarmed Coverage
  • GPS Tracking
  • Paperless Reports
  • Paperless Invoices

Mobile Patrol

Our mobile patrol services allow your business to receive our guard services up to three (3) times per day/night in increments.
Coming Soon
  • Marked / Unmarked Patrol Unit
  • Uniformed Officer
  • Armed Coverage
  • Scan Tag Tracking
  • Paperless Reports
  • Paperless Invoices

Private Investigator

Businesses, bail bondsmen, attorneys, and consumers can request this service! See below for services currently offered by our Private Investigators.
Cost Varies Must Call for Details
  • Background Investigations
  • Asset Verification
  • Auto Title Check
  • Marriage Records
  • Birth / Death Records

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Currently, our operations are based out of San Antonio, TX. If you require services outside of the Bexar County area, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will see what we can do for you! We have a large referral network across the entire State of Texas, so even if we can’t get an officer to your location, we will reach out to our network and ensure you get taken care of.

** In response to COVID-19, we are now providing a safe, secure, and efficient way to obtain our services through a 100% online workflow. From initial quote, to an officer on your property, we take pride in being able to provide you with a painless, contactless, paperless contract (and payment) process.

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Why would my business need security?
    Does your business have issues such as vandalism, theft, burglary, loitering, soliciting, trespass, etc.? If your answer is no, think about the businesses or areas around you — do they have these issues? Your employees, customers, and clients would definitely feel more secure conducting business with you knowing that your business is protected. Our officers serve as a deterrent for all of the above issues, and more! Contact us today to get more information about how our services can benefit your business.

    Calling the Police is free, so why would I hire a security company to protect my business?
    If there is an issue at your place of business that warrants a call to the police department, this situation is already occurring, and it will continue to occur until the police arrive or the actor decides that he/she is done committing a crime and leaves. Our services interrupt this cycle. With an officer already on your property, the crime is much less likely to occur in the first place due to the professional presence that has already been established. If the actor decides to take a chance and commit the crime anyway, our officer is already on location, ready to take care of the issue whether that be denying the actor access to your business, escorting him/her off property, or effecting an arrest for the crime being committed.

    How much does it cost to hire a security guard company?
    That’s a tough one. Although each client gets a personalized quote for services, we’ve seen security companies charging clients up to $40/hour to have an officer on their property. We’re not trying to nickel and dime anyone, and we understand the value of a hard-earned dollar, so we try to make our services much more affordable. Prices for our services are provided on a case-by-case basis and we are more than happy to go over some options with you.

    What is the typical process or timeline for working with a new client?
    In Texas, we are required to have a written and signed contract in order to provide security services, so first we would need to gather information on you and the company or organization you represent, the type of coverage you are requesting, where the services would be provided, how long the services would be needed or desired, etc. We would then discuss pricing and billing options, which vary considering all factors of the job. If the client agrees on the set price per hour, we would move forward with creating a contract that we would then email the client for them to electronically and securely fill and sign. We are then ready to provide the services requested! This can potentially be done in one day, depending on the level of communication the client establishes with us from the start.

    What education and/or training do your officers have in relation to public safety?
    All staff at Texas Marshal Protection Agency have several years of training and applied experience in the field — most of the training directly provided by, or approved by, the Texas Department of Public Safety. Some have college degrees in Criminal Justice, while others have law enforcement training under TCOLE (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement) standards.

    Where are you located?
    We currently do not have a physical office location, and this is because we really don’t need it; we provide services at our clients’ locations, not ours. At the end of the day, our goal is to provide the public with affordable services, and in order to do that, we have to make sure that we don’t have any more overhead expenses than we really need in order to run our business. We understand that many businesses may view this as simply unprofessional, but we don’t believe in charging more per hour just so that we can have an office; that’s just not how we operate.