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The Company

Founded in 2018, Texas Marshal Protection Agency is one of the newest companies in the area, and has been providing continuous security services to our clients since mid-2019. In fact, our very first long-term client, Owners Association of Lago Vista (San Antonio) Inc. remains a client that we have proudly served, without interruption, to this day. We are proud to say, that as we continue to acquire new clients and grow, we also continue to hone our expertise and master the art of client satisfaction. As we expand, we remain committed to delivering consistently high-quality security officers and investigators to our clients across the State of Texas.

As part of our commitment to quality, we believe in a flat corporate structure, and as a result, we remain easy to do business with and flexible enough to readily adjust to changes in your security requirements. You will see as you review this page that we are innovative, aggressive in our attempts to accomplish the goals we define, and always striving to be the very best.

Shined Officer Boots

Executive Management

Founded by James Watson and Athena Fleming in 2018, both owners have over 20 years of combined experience in the Private Security industry. In addition to their experience, Chief Watson completed the Basic Peace Officer Course at San Antonio College Law Enforcement Training Academy in June of 2016, and is currently working toward a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. Assistant Chief Fleming also completed her undergraduate studies in 2015 and holds an associate’s degree in Criminal Justice. As a result, our company is well-versed in the law, and our officers are provided the very best information and training in addition to guidance from executive management.

Our Officers

We provide uniformed security officers licensed and commissioned by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Our officers continuously receive classroom training at state-approved security training facilities every two years at a minimum, and new officers receive field training prior to assignment at any location. The officers we hire have at least two years of prior experience, and are offered specialized training in de-escalation; tactical handcuffing; patrol techniques; report writing and documentation; effective communication and interviewing; and investigations just to name a few. Permanently-assigned officers receive additional client-specific training to understand the requirements and expectations at their specific location. In contrast, many of our competitors hire anyone that applies, even if they have no experience or prior training, and fail to provide additional training that encourages professional development and personal growth.

Aside from our officers’ training, they are fit for duty and fully equipped, including but not limited to a handgun; OC spray; expandable baton; Taser (if certified); bodycam; and a two-way radio (or radio equivalent). We are not one of those “observe and report” security companies – what makes us different from our competition is the fact that every one of our officers are properly trained, experienced, and provided with the necessary tools and information to protect life and property, and take care of issues as they arise. Our officers’ main duties are to prevent crime by establishing a professional presence, stop criminal acts in progress, and make arrests when lawfully warranted, while responding to calls for service in a professional and timely manner.

The Texas Marshal Advantage

The Texas Marshal Advantage is a philosophy that promotes the continuous use of technology to ensure that you, as a client, receive the greatest return on your investment in security.

The first component and foundation of this advantage is our use of THERMS, a cloud-based security operations software suite. Many companies are still utilizing paper reports that take forever to receive, are hard to read, and end up getting lost somewhere in a filing cabinet. In addition to the ability to write and file paperless reports, using THERMS helps our officers in the following ways:

• Easily pass down information to any other officers working the location;
• Create and maintain a visitor log (if applicable);
• Keeping you, our client, in the know through email alerts and your very own portal;
• And much more, depending on your needs!

The second and third components of this advantage is our use of QuickBooks Online & Timeero, both cloud-based systems, used to make billing and time-tracking issues a thing of the past. By using QuickBooks Online & Timeero, we’re able to do the following:

• Send well-organized, accurate, paperless invoices;
• Accept payment via ACH, Debit Card, and even Credit Card (via the Stripe platform);
• Track officers’ locations while they’re on duty, through geofencing and GPS pinging;
• And provide you, our client, peace of mind knowing you are billed only for what the officer works, and not a minute more!

Providing Exceptional Service

Providing exceptional service has become one of the hallmarks of Texas Marshal Protection Agency. As a company, we believe that we’ve mastered the art and science of providing exceptional service by closely examining our past experiences, understanding industry best practices, and seeking continuous client feedback. As a result of these practices, we have found that there are four (4) keys to providing exceptional service. Those keys are:

1. Striving for continuous improvement;
2. Hiring well-trained officers and supervisors;
3. Retaining exceptional officers;
4. Unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.

Corporate Location

Our corporate headquarters is located in San Antonio, Texas, allowing our executive management team to be immediately available to answer client concerns and resolve any issues as they occur.

By choosing a local, smaller company over a large national security provider, we’re able to jump on a phone call with our clients at any time, drive out to meet with them or other staff as needed, and develop lasting personal relationships with our clients and their staff.


We strive to provide you with the best service your hard-earned income can provide. We are one of the newest security companies in the San Antonio area, and we operate differently because we know the pain you’ve been through with those other guys. Contact us today, or if you’re ready for the best, get a quote; find out why we have nothing but 5-star reviews. You’ll be glad you chose Texas Marshal Protection Agency!