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We Partner with Technology Providers for a Cutting Edge Experience

Just a required notice: This page may contain affiliate links, which means, essentially, that we may earn a commission if you make a purchase after clicking such links. We love what we use – that’s why we use it and recommend it to our general readers, current and prospective clients, and even our competitors! That being said, if one of our vendors has an affiliate program that we can participate in, we’ve either already joined it, or likely will in the near future. Why? Because, we like talking about what we use to make our lives easier, and what our employees use which helps them do their job more efficiently and effectively! So, if a vendor wants to show us love for sharing their products or services, who are we to say, “no thanks”? We’ll gladly accept our reward for sharing what we love!

Paperless Reports?


We have partnered with THERMS to provide our officers and clients with a streamlined paperless report experience. Many companies are still utilizing paper reports that take forever to receive, are hard to read, and end up getting lost somewhere in a filing cabinet.

With THERMS, you can finally end your frustrations. Not only are reports emailed to you, but clients also have a portal to access reports and other information at any time!

Paperless, Organized, and Accurate Invoices!

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We use QuickBooks Online! Take advantage of our paperless invoices that are professionally organized and proofed before being sent to the email address we have on file. We’ve drastically reduced the chances of human error through automated billing processes that match timesheets to the hours billed.

In addition, our partnership with Stripe allows for you to submit payment for services online, so no more cash transactions or mailing checks!

Rest assured, you get what you pay for here!

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Billing issues can be a nightmare for your business, and that’s why we’ve integrated our time-tracking and payroll with Timeero.

Our officers’ time is tracked using the latest technologies including GPS pinging, geofencing, and timesheet verification. You are billed only for what the officer works, and not a minute more.