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Security Officer

If you have a business or event that requires the presence of a uniformed security guard, we have the solution for you!

As a new client, we first work hand in hand with you and your staff to determine your security needs. We take into account current challenges, and take a deep dive into the criminal history of the property. We then assess the property for any safety hazards and physical security weak points, and offer suggestions to immediately improve the safety of the property. Lastly, we assist in the development of procedures for the officer(s) assigned to your place of business, which are tailored to the unique issues and challenges you face.

Our focus is not simply selling you security guard services; it’s determining what issues need addressing, highlighting what can be improved to make your business a safer place in general, and putting in the legwork to keep your property crime-free.

If you’re looking for guard services, you have two options:

Armed Security Guards

If your business has crime occurring on property, or is suffering due to high crime levels in the surrounding areas, our armed security officers make every effort possible to eliminate such issues. In addition, as we work the property and rid it of the issues, we proactively take actions to improve the overall safety of your business.

We work closely with the San Antonio Police Department and other law enforcement agencies, which helps our officers achieve long-term results.

Unarmed Security Guards

If your business doesn’t have issues that need addressing right away, an unarmed security officer may be a good fit for you. Unarmed security officers are best suited for businesses that are not currently experiencing any criminal activity or other issues; they’re a great deterrent.

Our unarmed officers perform basic “observe and report” duties only, as they are not properly equipped to safely handle a variety of situations that our armed officers can; due to this limitation, we encourage our clients to obtain an armed officer instead.

Either Way...

In conclusion, if you are a business owner curious about contracting with a security provider, then contact us today and we will gladly discuss some options for your unique business needs. We work with budgets of all sizes, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

We currently cover a wide range of operations, so check out the list below to see if our security officers are a good fit for your business.

Security guard working a football game in San Antonio, TX

Security Operation Coverage