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Private Investigator

In addition to our security services, we also offer private investigations! In addition, all Private Investigators on our team are licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety. As a result of our licensing, we have access to various databases that are not open to the general public. This access in turn helps our investigators find current, reliable information.

Background Investigations

Background checks take time, because it’s not as simple as a typing a name into Google and hitting ‘enter’. In addition, due to the complex nature of this service, our investigators manually dig through various sources to ensure we are getting accurate information on the person of interest. Some of these “background check” websites most people find, have been found to provide very inaccurate information. So, if you’re in the market for background check services, leave this task to a professional private investigator, whether they be with us or an entirely different company.

Businesses, governmental entities, bail bondsmen, and even the general public, are able to request this service. Hey, you can even do a background check on yourself if you’d like!

Other Services Offered:

  • Asset Verification
    Attorneys usually need this to prepare for litigation.

  • Auto Title Check
    Make sure that vehicle you’re looking to buy is not stolen, and ensure the seller actually holds the title.

  • Marriage / Birth / Death Records
    This is public information, and we know just where to get it.

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